Past & Present

I am a big believer in you are only as good as the work you actually launch. Below is a collection of all of my projects, companies, apps, and services that I have started or created. There is still more to come…

Hector is a project management tool for freelancers. The promise of Hector is simple, all of your projects and todos on one screen regardless of who you are working with. I designed and built Hector in 30 days (you can see how here) and had a ton of fun doing it.

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Kidkoo is the first Ruby on Rails app that I built and launched. It is a place for parents to post all of the funny things that their kids say and easily share them with friends and family.

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Soil was a complete web presence provider for wellness professionals such as chiropractors and yoga studios. I had the idea of making websites in the medical field usable and beautiful for a number of years, but in 2013 I created a company with a team of co-founders and we launched a completely custom platform for our service. We stopped working on Soil in early 2015.

When your main work consists of building custom WordPress themes it is only natural to build out your own starter theme, and that is what I did with Bare WP. It is a base WordPress theme that contains all of the files and base functionality all themes need and I have used it to build 100’s of websites. You can get it on GitHub.

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WeDoDev is where it all started for me, and is still what I spend most of my time on. It is my web consultancy that works directly with clients and builds out new websites. Most of what I do here is custom WordPress theme development for other creative agencies. WeDoDev is currently what pays the bills for me and always keeps my plate full.

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