Who is RJ?

familyWell, I’m a builder. It’s what I like to do most. I have been building things for the web in a serious way since 2008 as a freelancer and also holding a number of positions in different companies.

The reason I do what I do is simple, freedom. I love what I do, and working for myself gives me control to do whatever I want to (even though this can be dangerous at times). It’s a cool feeling to do something you actually enjoy for a living.

The quick version

Why should you care

I am all about one word – Execute. I have spent too much time talking about doing stuff in the past, but never actually executed on things. I changed that a couple years back and I have completed and learned more than ever before. I get really excited when I see others actually do what they say they are going to do and step out of the comfort zone. Through my posts, videos, and podcast I am trying to bridge the gap from idea to execution for freelancers.