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I gotta be honest here. No cookie cutter – cut and paste pitch to get you to sign up for my newsletter. I do believe that in your giving me your email address and permission to send you stuff it is only fair that you get something in return instead of you giving and me just receiving. So here it is, the honest version of what you will get in subscribing to my newsletter.

What You Get

What I Get

Well really I get someone who wants to listen to what I have to say. I get an audience of people that I don’t get access to on Twitter or on my website. I’m being honest here – I get to build my list which is so important nowadays.

So rather than a catchy headline and a mention that “We hate spam too” (does anyone really like it?) I am laying out all the facts. If you still want to sign up for my newsletter then put your email in the field below and click Join. I really do appreciate my subscribers.