The Impact of Optimizing The Way You Work

May 21st, 2015

As a freelancer there is a direct connection between the work that you do and the money you make. We typically are offering our skill set as a service and money only comes in when we work and complete a project.

We all know this to be true so why would we not spend the necessary time to review our process/workflow/distractions in order to optimize our output?

Knowing Yourself

Maybe it is because I am getting older or it is because I am freelancing full-time with a family to support, but this year I have really started to become aware of my environment and habits related to my work. All in the attempt to discover where my strengths are and also to weed out my weaknesses.

In the process I have started to become more in-tune with what helps me to work at my peak (aka being in the zone) and what takes away from that.

Everything from my daily routine to the weather outside has an impact on my ability to work in a productive state. It has become a new obsession of mine to pay attention to my days and analyze what helped me work better and what didn’t.

At the moment my income is directly tied to me working and completing projects. In order to increase the former I need to optimize the latter. And the thing is, is that optimizing how I work does not require large innovative new productivity systems. It really is taking the little things and tweaking them every so slightly.

Things I am Aware of and Optimize

While this isn’t a how-to post it is meant to plant an important seed. Want to become a better freelancer and make more money? Then you need to optimize the way you work so that when you work you are in the zone instead of trying to force your work.