Hector is here!

August 3rd, 2015


I am super excited to write this post and say that Hector, the app I have been working on for the past month is ready for the limelight and officially launched.

Hector is project management for freelancers and allows you to see all of your projects and todos on one screen regardless of who you are working with. It’s the tool I have always wanted to build to keep ALL of my tasks organized in one place.

At the beginning of July I had this idea to build the tool to manage projects that I have always wanted. Most project management tools are built for teams, but as a freelancer I don’t work on a team and the team features always got in my way. I wrote a longer article on how I designed and built Hector in 30 days that you can read here.

While I built Hector based on what I wanted, I know this is a tool that will benefit all freelancers out there and that is why I am not charging for it. Hector is completely free and ready for you to start using. Sign up below and let me know what you think!

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