Up your game as a WordPress consultant with WP Elevation

February 25th, 2014

As a web designer/developer/consultant we are constantly on the look out for that next client. Not only are we always in search of that next paid invoice, but we are always trying to improve the clients that we work with. By improve, I mean that we are looking to work with clients that have projects that excite us and the budgets properly accomplish them.

Especially for those of us that specialize in creating solutions powered by WordPress it can be challenging sometimes to build that value in ourselves and properly convey it to potential clients. So how do you weed out the bad clients and start getting the clients you want? Enter WP Elevation.

I first heard about WP Elevation at the 2014 WordCamp in Phoenix. Troy Dean, the mind behind WP Elevation, gave a talk on the final day called “101 Ways to Elevate Yourself and Demand Higher Fees“. Like most people in the room I was captivated by the amount of real, no nonsense, advice that he was giving. The best part of it though was that a lot of the items were things that I could immediately start implementing into my business.

It was because of that talk, and the way that it was delivered, that I looked into WP Elevation. In the process of browsing their site I came across their WordPress Primer course. The course consists of 6 different lessons to help you position yourself as an in demand WordPress expert. Those 6 lessons are:

  1. You Are a Specialist – Lesson Details
  2. You Are In Demand – Lesson Details
  3. You Prescribe Solutions – Lesson Details
  4. You Are the Prize – Lesson Details
  5. You Are the Linchpin – Lesson Details
  6. You Are a WordPress Consultant – Lesson Details

Along with each lesson Troy provides you with all the documents that he goes over in each video.

Overall this course gives you a great framework on how to begin qualifying your clients as well as gives you a formula that can be replicated to begin to bring you the clients you want to work with. At $47 for lifetime access to the course and documents it is a small investment that you could easily make back after landing your first client using the WP Elevation strategy.

For an overview video and more information view the WordPress Primer course from WP Elevation at