Why simply starting isn’t enough

April 6th, 2015

I am sure as a creative you have heard things like “Starting is half the battle”“Just start and the rest will follow”, and many other phrases that get the message of Just Start across. The reason there are so many books, blog posts, and podcasts that cover the idea of just starting is because we all have these ideas for products and services in our minds, but most of the time they stay there as just an idea.

We are all great at coming up with ideas. The challenge comes on executing them and the philosophy behind just starting is that when you take any action, big or small, you are exponentially more likely to see that idea through. The logic is solid, but I’m here to say that simply starting isn’t enough anymore.

We get this high and excitement from having an idea, especially a good one that others validate, and we convince ourselves that by registering a domain name that we have started. To me, starting is just as easy as having the idea in the first place. It doesn’t take much these days to put up a landing page with an email sign up. How many of those landing pages have you seen, and how many of them stay there forever?

Starting is not enough. It is a necessary first step obviously, but starting doesn’t set you apart from anyone else who has a great idea anymore. You need to move past the easy starting phase of your idea and continue to take steps to see your product or service all the way through to launch. Acting on your inspiration and continuing to execute after it starts to wane a little is where the new challenge is.

Don’t be another landing page with an email sign up form that stays there for years. Be one that does, that launches, that executes.