Update: How to Make a Living as a WordPress Developer

February 17th, 2017

Oh boy, here we go. Ha. For reals though today is an exciting day for current students of my WordPress course and also for those of you that have been on the fence about enrolling.

How to Make a Living as a WordPress Developer gets two new videos that provide over an hour of new content as well as a new home that allows students to stream the course online and track their progress as they move through the course.

Stream & Track

Up until this week anyone who enrolled in the course literally had to download everything and go through the course on their own wherever they downloaded it. Sure, not the sweetest experience ever, but luckily that is no longer the case. Now, when you enroll in the course you get immediate access to the course in a nice structured way so there is no confusion as to what is next. Not only that, but since everything is online there is no need to download the videos meaning you can watch anytime anywhere from any device. Pretty sweet I think. Last, something that every course really should have is a way to track your progress. While these things seem like no brainers (and honestly I think they are) it’s a nice feeling to be able to make the changes on my end in order to set up the course in a way that is easier to learn from for everyone involved.

New Content!

Probably the most exciting news is that I have added new content to the course. Specifically I have added two new videos that add up to over an hours worth of new content. In these two videos we cover a clients request for an update to their site and setup a deployment workflow to make our process more efficient.

In the client update video we take a look at forms. Such a common request and with so many ways to tackle forms in WordPress I walk you through setting up my preferred way. We also take it to the next level and style the forms to match the design of our site including making dropdowns look good.

Once the form is in place I teach you why and how to setup a git deployment process for updating websites. Not only discussing the benefits of version control, but walking through how to get our theme in Git, setup a remote repository, configure a service to handle deployment to our server, and then of course making some changes and seeing them automatically deployed without touching a FTP client.

Get the course

These changes are nothing more than me inching closer to making this the best course it can be to help you make a full-time living as a custom WordPress theme developer. Literally what I do day in and day out to support my family. If you are a current student of the course these updates come to you completely free. Of course if you aren’t already enrolled in this course you can get started immediately with the course and this update by signing up here.