002: Build Your Portfolio

Show Notes:

As a freelancer it is crucial to not only have a portfolio, but to have one that has work in it and is updated on a regular basis. We all know this, but somehow we always find excuses that stop us from working on our portfolio or even worse not having one at all.

In this episode we talk about the importance of building your portfolio, a common excuse that stops freelancers from getting started, and we give 3 ways to both create/find work for your portfolio and get it published online.

3 ways to create or find work for your portfolio

  1. Friends & Family
  2. Give back by offering free work to an organization or cause that could use your help
  3. Make something up! Create a client and just do the work.

3 ways to get your portfolio online

  1. Hire a professional
  2. DIY Options like WordPress or Squarespace
  3. Service Profile page

At the end of the day you need a portfolio that is easily accessible for potential clients to view your work. That is all they care about.

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