Introducing adVenture Gnomes

March 11th, 2014

I have been doing freelance web work for nearly 6 years now, and like most young web designers I thought I would start by forming a full blown agency. Crazy, I know, and I had no idea what I was doing. I actually went as far as to hold interviews to build my team, and even though I never successfully started that agency I made a good contact in Phillip Dale.

Phillip and I have been working together for the past 6 years with him designing and me developing. Lately we have been working on a couple of joint projects. We both are co-founders of Soil (along with the rest of that team) and are working on another product we call HappyCrafty. We have a lot of ideas, and even though not all of them get executed we always struggled with how we would brand them in terms of is this a WeDoDev (my company) thing, a PRDALE (his company) thing, or something completely separate like we did with Soil.

adVenture Gnomes

We decided that a joint venture of sorts would be a good way to house all of the things that we do together while keeping everything else separate. Then adVenture Gnomes was thrown out there as a name and we were off to the races.

Once Phillip showed me the logo he put together it was game over from there and we decided to go full force with adVenture Gnomes. The logo was too awesome for us to just slap it on a website so we decided to put it on a shirt too. Today we have officially launched at and you can pre-order your shirt there.

As we flesh out some of the projects we are working on the site will expand to show all of the adVenture Gnomes projects.

In the end, adVenture Gnomes is a container that allows us to kind of do whatever we want, whether that be t-shirts or a product like HappyCrafty. We’re not trying to be all crazy business like because we like to have fun with what we work on.