Get a catch phrase

May 11th, 2015

Priming myself to be productive is something I have put an emphasis on being aware of. My mood, environment, music, time of day, etc dictates whether or not I can get in the zone and be my most productive. One thing I have added to this arsenal of mine is a catch phrase. I know it sounds kind of silly, but for me it helps, and I think you could benefit by adopting one or two of your own.

By catch phrase I am not talking about all those super motivational business quotes you see people posting in a nifty font on top of serene images (catch my sarcasm there?). To me my catch phrase is just that, a brief phrase that helps keep my eye on the prize and helps to motivate it. It’s simple and to the point and something I can apply to every goal I have.

My Catch Phrases

At the moment I have two of these that I mumble under my breath or say to myself throughout the day. They help keep me motivated and on-point.

Max Effort

This one really couldn’t be any more simple. To me it’s about giving my all for everything I do. Exert myself to get something done quickly and efficiently. This actually came from a t-shirt that I bought from Old Navy. Lame maybe, but it is stuck in my head.


F.E.A.R – Face Everything and Rise

I’ll admit the source of this is a little odd. It turns out that high school me and current me both like the band Papa Roach. Music really gets me in the zone if it is right, and I decided to revisit this band from my past. Turns out their latest album, aptly titled F.E.A.R, is pretty good. The title track from the album is all about facing all of your obstacles and rising above them. I may not be the best at what I do, I may not know everything there is to know, but I will face all of the challenges in front of me and rise to meet my goals.

Get your own catch phrase

This may seem a little corny, but it works for me. I think as a freelancer or creative professional you can benefit from having a go to phrase to help keep you focused and motivated. You will go through seasons and these phrases will change over time, but whatever you choose put meaning and weight behind it and let it be a tool to get you moving.